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I had a threesome without my boyfriend

Threesome with my two best friends.

So this is something that happened recently, and I have been dying to get it off my chest.

I have a boyfriend who is incredibly sweet, caring and loves me a lot. He is one of those mystical “nice guys” that are rarely found these days. But it breaks my heart because I don’t think I am giving him back the love he deserves.

And then I did something that I never imagined would happen in real life.

I have two really amazing friends, my best friends who I can share everything with and the only people I trust with my life. The three of us are a gang, two girls and a guy, and we love being together and spending time with each other.

Recently we went over to my guy friend’s house just for a fun, cosy, movie-marathon day. It started off all fun and games as it is with us usually. At one point we decided to start watching some hot scenes from movies to laugh at them and pass stupid comments… But then all of a sudden, the atmosphere changed, and it got hot.

My guy friend started kissing my girlfriend, and soon the three of us started making out. I have never been part of a threesome but that day I was in one, with my best friends. I have to admit it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I got to be in bed with people who care for me dearly and one of them was a girl! I love these two people and I loved the experience!

We are comfortable enough with each other that we laughed it off and it definitely won’t affect our friendship. I don’t regret that day at all… Why? What about my boyfriend? I don’t know…

However this pans out in the future, this was definitely something I can never forget.



  1. Don’t feel bad,you had sex with your friends not someone else its not cheating

  2. This definitly your boyfriend will never forget too. If you respect him enough for the love he’s given to you, tell him everything and stop making look like a fool for trusting and loving you.

  3. To make things fair you need to have a threesome with your boyfriend and the girl friend of yours.

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