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I dislike my dad staring at me

Hi, I’m here to talk about my dislikes about my dad. It’s not like I hate my dad, but I don’t like it when he stares at me all the time, like when I go down to the kitchen to drink water, he stares until I literally go back up.

Sometimes, when we go out for dinner, he stares at my bum, and I know it. Although, my sister and his girlfriend doesn’t know. I hate it when he stares at me, I hate it when he talks to me when I’m not feeling well, I told him politely that can you not talk to me right now please, I’m not feeling well. And when I go out to sit on the bench, he tells my sister to grab a blanket for me, my sister gets mad of course, but my dad stares at me, waiting for my reaction.

I’m starting to feel very uncomfortable with my dad, probably because of the staring makes me feel like he’s a creep! I tried talking to his girlfriend about it, but she doesn’t care. Sometimes, my dad stares at my bum and kicks it with his leg, I feel completely grossed out, and sometimes he stares at my chest but doesn’t do anything.

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