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I meet guys on video games to date

I am Stacey, I’m 17 with no job no specials skills or doing any curricular activity. All I do is play video games. I may sound like I’m a lazy bum that doesn’t do anything but sit around and eat chips and drink soda till 3 a clock in the morning. Totally not 100% true. I date guys online and basically start relationships online by meeting guys online in video games.

Of course, we talk and hear each other’s voices and text, send picture (Not Nudes) but to get a visual of who we are talking to. You may think “oh what if he’s a catfish?” Well to be honest it’s like a 70% chance it’s a god damn catfish fucking with your feelings, sadly. But hey there’s an app called “Skype” with video chat and other useless shit only older people would use; we basically use that as a tool to see what we are up against and reveal the scary truth of that human. And to be honest I’m that scary truth for every guy… I’m that catfish. Every guy that I have talked to online has my kik or any social media to see how I look and to be honest, fuck all those guys. When those guys hear my squeaky adorable voice, they were fucken rude and horrible for making fun of me, I’m 4’10, my voice is like a god damn squeakier. But anyways once they see how “I look” a WHOLE DIFFERENT person come out…. the fuckboy son of a bitch. They complement me call me babe and want to be my friend and hang out more. And to be honest I loved that kind of attention, so I gave out my social media online and seriously got all of the attention. Even some guys actually fell for and became my boyfriend, but only for like a couple months and I never met these guys in person, but I didn’t care as long they don’t see my full body.

I am 158 pounds, I got an ass and a tummy. Most guys that I came across never liked that not even the ones I dated online. The whole time I’ve been with those guys, it never came across for me to send full body pic, they only loved what was on the upper part, but I didn’t care. One day as I was starting to think about leaving video games and to stop dating online. Until I met this guy online. Let me tell you about how all started.

I played this game called Halo Reach, my older brother showed me this game and before I hated video games because it was so difficult, but I’ve seen my brothers had all sorts of friends online and talked to them while playing the game, so it became my interest to make my account and make more friends. At the time I was like a social butterfly I can easily talk to people and make friends. So easy peasy. I started playing that Halo reach game a lot more often. Halo reach is basically like a god damn high school on a certain game type though, called “Assassinations” that was seriously the hang out spot and fucken dating spot if you wanted a relationship online. But let me explain how it’s like a high school. First of all, you come at someone in the wrong way (kill them) you are target you are forever hated by that bitch and will try to find you in every assassination game possible. Second you got the “cool peeps” (tryhards) and the nerds (noobs). If you had the Armor effects and the lag switch to cheat the game or the cool gamer tag you’re a cool peep (fake) and if you didn’t and just a nobody and the cool peeps will come after you. Basically, like bullies.

So now this where I come in and what ruined my life. One day I was on Instagram was just thinking hmm do any of these bitches use social media? I looked up the hashtag #haloreach and came across videos, montages, roast pics, stats manipulating others on how bad they suck on that assassination game type. And once I clicked on every profile I’ve notice, they’re every cool peeps page on Instagram. Not only they don’t have a life on that stupid gam but also on social media. They posted selfies, montages and other ugly random shit and they all became one shitty community online and on Instagram. So I decided I’m going to become that shity person. So I made a new account and called it my gaming account. I put my gamer tag so everyone would know who I am and see me as tryhard. Once I started posting everyone started to notice me on that stupid game, then I started posting selfies and I became the hottest chick on reach. That’s right the hottest. Out of these “it girls” I became the it. Everyone knew me, and everyone liked me. So, there was this one guy I was actually digging for and he was cute like very cute like I bang this dude his name was Josh. So, I tried to become his friend and, so it fucking worked, we started talking online and he started calling me his snack. Until one night. I was online on the assassination game with playing with his homies and shit and even his best friend and his best friend was very shy, and I always wonder why was he so shy and not talking. And then this is the night that fucked my whole entire life.

One night I was up talking to those guys, but I got tired, so I got off and started to talk on the phone with my guy best friend. And suddenly I got this text from Josh friend hitting me up saying yo my friend likes you and I’m like oh no who and yad’a know it was Josh best friend Albert. And I was so shocked because he was so shy and didn’t talk so I was ohhhh ok makes sense now he wasn’t talking and well I was like n way and blah and so I told my guy best friend Ethan I got to go, and he understood why because I was going to join a Skype call with this Albert guy and so I did and all of sudden the other guy had to leave the call and he did, so it was just me and him now. I honestly thought it was going to be awkward, but it really wasn’t, the night turned into a big romantic ball and like there’s was no way out of that ball. This guy, Albert had something special in him and I couldn’t quite get it around to understand what it was. But he was so sweet, and his voice was so soothing it made me fall for this guy and the next thing you know we stood up LL NIGHT TALKING TO EACH OTHER FOR HOURS AND HOURS. We basically fell asleep with each other on the call. And so, the next morning we texted each other all day and we called each other again and played video games with each other and basically spent all day with him. Then 2 nights later he finally asked me to be his and it was all late and stuff and I said yes and ever since that day my life has changed from 100 to 0 real quick.

From July 22, 2016 to today December 09, 2017. You do the math, over a year, my life has changed and what I mean for that, I no longer have access to that gaming account, I no longer have access to that Halo reach account and I no longer have any friends online. I became anonymous and became a ghost in blink of an eye. He took everything away and locked me in a closest I can’t escape from because from that side of the closet is a dark whole of hell. I can no longer have social media and post, I’m only to hang out with certain people. I can’t leave my house without his approval, I can no longer wear certain clothes, or I’ll be mistake as an attention whore, I can’t take the bus home from school, I can’t go out with friends because he scared I might be with another guy. From all of this he is 2 thousand miles away and my life is being controlled and hidden from reality.


  1. This is honestly a story of my life , just not yet being controlled by anybody , but sis I’m telling you , you deserve your own freedom . If you can’t feel free break up with him and move on . It’s not too late it’s only 1 year . If you get scared and stay in the dark it will be way too late . Be free , and don’t worry you are not alone .

  2. This is literally like a story of my life , only beside not yet being controlled by that person . Sis , You deserve your own freedom . You can’t be in the dark and it’s only 1 year cause before it gets too late , you need to break up and move on . You should spend time with your family and friends and get away from things that are upsetting you . Be Happy and remember that you are not alone .

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