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My friend walked in and made me orgasm

On day I was watching porn and I felt the urge to rub my pussy, so I grabbed a Barbie doll and used the leg of that. After I grabbed that I put spit on my pussy and started to rub slowly.

In the middle of that my friend walked in and asked what I was doing so I said nothing and she said well then why were you moaning so I told her.

A couple minutes later she came back in and lifted the covers and the removed the Barbie off me and started to lick my pussy. I didn’t say anything because it felt so good.

After a little while I started to have an orgasm. When she stopped she said sorry and I said why, and she said because I interrupted you and made you have an orgasm, so I said you shouldn’t be sorry. She said why. I said because it felt good. I could tell she was surprised by the look on her face.

So I told her to come back and lick and rub my pussy but instead she went downstairs and grabbed a spoon and then came back up and started to lick and rub my pussy. I said it felt good and she kept going. After about a couple of hours we stopped and switched places so I was licking and rubbing her.

I made her have an orgasm and then she squirted in my face and surprisingly it tasted good.

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