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Everyday of my life I am trying to find …

Everyday of my life I am trying to find out who I am.

I’m told that I have anxiety,depression, and PTSD. Since my new meds my “Episodes” have been getting worse. I tell people I’m such a big puzzle that is missing a piece. They still haven’t found out what is truly wrong with me. These “Episodes” consist of me shaking, feeling cold and hot, cold and clammy hands, pale, uncontrollable arm movement, and stuttering.

They scare me and my mobile therapist doesn’t think they’re anxiety attacks. I don’t know how to handle them. So yesterday I went down to my guidance counselor and she called the nurse when I started talking. My speech was broken and most of the time during them I can’t say a word. I wish people would just try and help me find out what is wrong with me. I can barley make it through a school day.

I just hope that no one ever has to see one of my episodes and that they never happen to anyone else.

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  1. Dont believe to those people saying you have a disorder without any basis. Sometimes those people who’s around you makes the case worst :(. If there is any help i can offer to you we are here.

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