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Perhaps death isn’t the answer?

What if death is the answer? Like a reset button which once turned off and then on again allows the user to reboot a glitching system so as to be able to somewhat function again?

This could be compared to how a defibrillator is used. When the heart for whatever reason has decided to malfunction, we use a defibrillator to shock the heart temporarily stopping it in the hope that the bodies neurological system kicks in to reboot and once again create a normal rhythm. However, what happens when the underlying cause of the problem is not addressed and or not fixed? What then is to become of the glitching system? What if this is like life? If when we die we haven’t completely addressed all of our glitches? Will we reboot with the same problems needing to still be addressed? What if we addressed suicide in this manner?

I’ve often wondered if those who decide their system is no longer functioning in a manner relative to their current existence become rebooted with the same glitches. I have attempted to test this theory myself. My reboot wasn’t successful and I’m still living with my glitches, or at least I think I am.

My life since has been one that I’m still shuffling along in, neither here nor there however in my moments of weed induced epiphanies I do believe that we are all creating this world with our collective consciousness and that I’m currently on an infinity loop roller coaster ride to some kind of mind feeling wisdom whatever it may be.

I’m no longer feeling the need to reboot, just learning to live with my glitches, perhaps it’s because I have let go the notion that this is my life to live and embraced the idea that I am here for a bigger reason of which I have no real knowledge other than we are all part of some big knowledge sharing mechanism that is moving towards an infinite capacity to love.

If I were to opt out now without gaining all the information needed then it would only slow the movement of the collective, however if I am to stay until all the knowledge is gained and then shared then my purpose and role in the movement can be continued. Perhaps then when I am rebooted I will be able to reenter the ever-expanding collective consciousness where I left off surrounded by all those who are on the same ride moving together, no one left behind no one forgotten.

We can’t save everyone, we all have different parts to play and live, sometimes we just have to let go, not of ourselves but of our expectations of all we have been conditioned to believe is true. We need to heal our glitches and previous lives war wounds, we have to learn from and then let go of those moments in which we realize we have absolutely no control, we have to trust in the process whatever that may be knowing that the outcome may not be what we want it to be. We have to love, and this takes practice and patients, with others but primarily and most importantly with ourselves. Otherwise how are we able to come to understand and then fix our own glitches?

Perhaps death isn’t the answer?

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