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For those who think they don’t have a purpose

First, I am writing this to the people who don’t think they have a purpose any more.

First, I am not forcing you to listen because that this is only my opinion so if you want to take my advice or opinion it up to you and I want to give my advance thanks and hope this may help you.

P.S: I know that these things you may or may not realize already.

First thing of why you are still here is that you still have a purpose and I telling you that purpose is clear, but you don’t want to realize it and you don’t want to acknowledge it.

Second: You do have a purpose if you don’t and you can’t end yourself then find one purpose as long as you keep on waking up in the morning asking yourself of what to do in your life.

Third: When you realize you’re a bad person because of the things you done in the past that you still do today. I know old habits die hard but still you got to try right?

Last: If you do find that purpose in life I hope you embrace it and cherish it and in the end that that purpose in life doesn’t exist anymore and your still here then find another one. -anonymous

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