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I wish we were of same religion so that I could be with him

I used to be care free girl… a friend of mine approached me since my high school, and when my feelings finally start grew towards him. We are of different religion and that’s why I never accepted his proposal since high school till by now.

I don’t want to let my family down because they trust me so much and I can’t break their trust. I miss him so bad that my heart gets so heavy. It feels like my soul is dying. I try to stay calm, but his memory never let my mind be at peace.

I wish we were of same religion so that I could be with him. He was always there when I needed him. We both love each other but we both have essence of our religion that cannot be change. I am emotionally so weak and it’s killing me. I am seeking for a hope to make me strong.

Experiencing a heartbreak is so worse that every night it makes me cry. I want live my life like how I used to be once. Will I ever be free from this heartbreak…?


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  1. yes.. you will… some day it will become a part of you like all of your feelings… and you get used to it some day…

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