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My First Two Amazing Experiences of Teen Sex

Like any teen boy, sex was always on my mind. I was around twelve years old when I had my first wet dream and shortly after that was when I started masturbating.

At first it started out with my imagination, simply thinking of a pretty girl at school, then it was the underwear section in JC Penny catalog.

Then when my folks purchased a computer, we got internet, and I was blown away with all the porn I found.

About a year later, right before I entered the eighth grade, I had my first sexual experience. My best friend (Seth) who was a year younger then myself, had a younger sister (Melanie) of whom was the same age as my sister (Melissa). You see the four of us were very close and all the time we would hang out, play baseball, bored games, watch movies together, you name it.

This one particular night, the four of us wanted to all sleep in the tent together and that’s where things got interesting.

It started out as a simple fun game of truth and dare. I was dared to kiss Melanie, Melissa was dared to kiss Seth, Seth was dared to flash Melissa and of course Melanie was dared to flash me.

This went on and the dares got more intense. Soon it got to the point where we were removing each others clothing.

There we were in each corner of the tent and each of us completely naked. Seth to my left with his legs crossed, Melanie across from me with her knees together hiding what she could and to my right was my sister doing the same.

“All right Alan,” Seth replied to me, “truth or dare?”

“Dare of course.” I chuckled.

“I want you to eat out my sister for two minuets.”

I giggled at the Idea and started to make my way over to Melanie. She was bright red and shivering from the excitement. My sister Melissa had her face buried in her hands knowing that she was going to be faced with the same dare after me and of course Seth was red from laughter as he watch to see if I truly was going to go down on his sister.

I placed my hands on top of Melanie’s knees and pried them apart relieving her young eleven year old pussy. It was tight with a small trim of hair right above her beautiful slit. As I continued to pry her legs apart, I slowly at the same time brought my hands closer to her vagina. Her legs were so smooth and soft. The blood throbbed in my penis as I got closer and closer.

Soon I had one hand on each side of her gorgeous pussy as I lowed my face towards her slit. First, I kissed it and she started to giggled.

“Wow, that tickles” Melanie replied shivering.

Of course, I didn’t stop, so next I gave it a lick and I was surprised to find it tasted really good. I really wasn’t sure what to do next so I just started wiggling my tong in between her pussy lips. Up and down I went, then in and out. Soon she no longer was giggling as she now was enjoying it. She then began to grip my hair and every now and then I could feel her giving it a harsh pull.

I truly would love to say I made it passed the two minuets if it wasn’t for my father walking in on us and putting an end to out fun little game. We were then told to return to the house. Seth and I slept upstairs in my room as Melanie and Melissa had to sleep in the living room on the main floor. The next morning, my parents gave us all a very long talk. Myself being the oldest of the four was blamed for getting the event started.

Though in the after math, I will never forget the experience I had that night. Even after the barging in from my father, it by far was at that point the greatest night of my life. I had from that night on hoped to have that opportunity again. Who ever knew that it would come to me, three summers later, with my beautiful cousin Naomi.

It was the middle of July on a warm humid sunny day. I was at the table eating lunch with my parents and sister. Mom had just made a wonderful pot of spaghetti of which she placed in the middle of the table. Dad started filling his plate first as he then passed it left to my mom. When it finally came around to me after Melissa took her share, my father turned to me to speak.

“I got a call from your uncle Aaron, hes ready to harvest wheat and he would like your help this Friday.”

“This Friday?” My mom answered, “that’s only two days away.”

“The weathers been rushing the wheat along and Aaron says its ready to go.”

“I guess that means we won’t be seeing you for a couple weeks then Alan.”

“Thank God,” chuckled my sister. This in turn made my dad laugh as he poured some milk in his glass.

My dad and I look nothing alike, I more so resembled my mom. My dad had thick black dark hair where as to mine was more light brown and lightly filled.

He was tall and strong with huge biceps and here I was skinny with very little upper body strength and was lucky to reach a height of about four foot seven.

Though I did have a cute clean face and a heartwarming smile. But for the most part, I was shy.

I think I get my personality from my mom, she was always quiet as to was I. My sister however was like my dad, big, strong, dark hair, with a mean daring personality. She had just turned fourteen last month which meant that my birthday was only a few months away and I soon will he seventeen.

But besides looking forward to my birthday, I was truly looking forward to visiting my two younger cousins out west. My uncle Aaron and Aunt Sharon had two girls and no boys.

Their youngest daughter was Kendra. She would be turning thirteen a day before my birthday. She was very light skinned, blond with long straight hair, brown eyes with a tight little petite body.

Their oldest daughter was Naomi, who in turn was the same age as my sister. She had long dark black hair, almost tan looking skin (much like her mothers), brown eyes and a gorgeous looking athletic type body. Even though in my head, any kind of sexual act with her would be wrong on so many levels, never meant that I didn’t occasionally think about it.

This would be the third year I went to help my uncle harvest wheat. The first year, I lived with my grandparents while helping out so I didn’t get to see my two cousin’s very often. The second year, Kendra had a bed set up in Naomi’s room so that way, I could sleep in her room just across the hall upstairs. The only uncomfortable feeling I had sleeping in her room was all forty-two barbie dulls watching me sleep.

Here it was, the third year helping out, and after about a four and a half hour drive, My dad and I finally arrived at Aaron’s farm. There was Aaron and Naomi waiting at the door as we pulled into the drive.

“How was your trip?” Aaron asked.

“long never the less,” my dad replied. “But I can’t stay long, I have to get back home.”

“Well, before you go, you’ll have to see this new combine I bought,” Aaron chuckled as he led my dad towards the shop. “Naomi, can you help Allan get his bags upstairs?”

“Sure daddy,”

Naomi then looked at me and smiled. Wow, she sure grew up since I last seen her at Christmas six months ago. She was wearing tight dark blue jeans that flared out on the bottom and a cute blue spaghetti strap top which relieved a little bit of her belly button along with her white bra straps.

Her breast were finally starting to form as they were very obvious to see. They weren’t huge by any means but for her age, very well developed. My guess, B maybe Thirty-four B. Hard to tell from this distance. But never the less, she was very attractive.

“So what do you need help with?” She asked.

“Uh, you can probably take this.” I replied handing her a small suitcase. “I can take the bigger one” Naomi griped the handle and carried it in the house.

As you enter the house, the kitchen was on the right, the bathroom was on your left and straight ahead was a hallway that lead to the stairway and ahead of the stairway was my uncles office. I followed behind my cousin as she turned upstairs carrying my small suitcase in front of her.

I couldn’t help but look at her cute tight little butt as she slowly climbed the stairs. For each step she took going up, her red thong would clearly show itself.

As again, all those dirty thoughts went racing threw my head, nasty dirty thoughts.

When we finally reached the top, there upstairs were two bedrooms. The larger bedroom to the left was Naomi’s room and off to the right was Kendra’s room of which was where Naomi of course placed my suitcase. I was pleased to see that there were much fewer barbie dulls around the room, Kendra must be getting over that fad, thank goodness I thought to myself.

“Well, my moms giving me a ride to my friends house so I guess I will see you tomorrow.” Naomi replied. I smiled and waved her good bye as she then left to go back downstairs.

I stayed to unpack a few things, change into some athletic shorts and then simply went downstairs to the living room which was just straight ahead of the kitchen. There was Kendra playing Donkey Kong County on Super Nintendo. She handed me the second controller, and for the remaining of the day, we played video games.

The first week went by quick, we would normally start our day around 9:30 in the morning and go until 10:30 at night. When we got back home, we would shower up, eat, and for the reaming hour or two, Naomi and I would play cards or Super Nintendo upstairs while everyone else went to sleep.

Kendra was always a pain though, all she wanted to do was bug us. She was like that annoying cricket hiding and chirping away in the corner of the room, and how badly you wanted to shut it up, there was no way to. Her main problem was that she didn’t want to feel left out.

By the end of the first week, I had taught my cousin Naomi how to play Taxes Hold-Em. She wasn’t the best at it, but she made it a challenge for me at times. We never could get through more then a few hands because Kendra always wanted to play and no mater how much we tried to teach her how to play, she never could quite understand it.

Of course if it wasn’t Kendra breaking us up, it was Aaron or Sharon telling us to go to bed. Like always Naomi would rub it in that she would sleep in until noon the next morning unlike myself, I had to get up and go.

The fallowing morning was hot and very humid which meant that it was going to be a very miserable day for harvesting. Even the Air conditioner in the combine had a hard time keeping the air cool. I was so looking forward for this day to end so I can get in the shower and wash up.

It was nearly 11:00 by the time we called it a night. I fallowed my aunt and uncle in the house and as soon as we entered, you could hear the shower running. Aaron pounded on the door.

“Naomi, hurry up in there, we want to clean up and go to bed.”

“In a minuet, she shouted.”

“You had all day to take a shower,” Sharon shouted, “why did you take one so late?”

“I don’t know.” She answered back.

I had at that point went in the kitchen to make a sandwich. I had just finished spreading the mayo over my baloney when Naomi came out of the shower wearing only a towel.

“Alan, why don’t you go get some P J’s.” Aaron demanded. “then take your shower.”

I nodded as I went upstairs leaving my sandwich on the table. By the time I got upstairs, I could see that Naomi had her door slightly cracked open. I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a peek. There she stood with her back turned toward me wearing nothing but white panties. She was in the process of putting her bra on as I watched her. She looked so sexy, I could feel the rise in my pants as I watched her bend over to grab a pair of P J’s off the floor.

A part of me wanted to whack off right there but I knew that that was not an option. Finally my head remembered of who I was looking at and so I did my best to clear my mind and go to my own room. Needless to say when I got into the shower, she was the only thing on my mind.

Thursday came around and at noon, it started to rain and by the time we got all the equipment put away, it was down pooring.

“It doesn’t look like we are going to get much work done today.” Aaron replied.

When we got in the house, I noticed Naomi lying on the couch watching TV. She was wearing her dark blue flared jeans with a white T-shirt. As she saw me come in, she sat up and moved to one end of the couch. She then waved me over with a smile on her face and so I joined her.

“Sharon and I are off to drop Kendra at her friends house and then we are going to watch a movie” Aaron replied.

“We’ll be back after the movie, take care you two.” Sharon responded and the three of them went out the door.

After about twenty minuets, the show we were watching was over. As Naomi shut off the TV, she turned to look at me.

“So what do you want to do now, there’s really nothing interesting on anymore.”

“Want to play texes hold-em?”

“Sure,” We then got up off the couch and went upstairs as for the deck of cards were in kendras room.

We started playing and as Naomi was shuffling, a question popped in my head that I was almost too scared to ask but never the less it finally came out.

“How about we make the game more interesting.”

“How so?” Naomi asked.

“The loser of each hand dealt has to remove a piece of clothing.” wow, I did it, I asked it, but what is it that she is going to say?

Naomi just smiled and dealt out the two cards to each of us. In my mind, she just told me no. She then started to blush a little and she rolled eyes.

“Sure, sounds like fun.”

I was in disbelief that she said yes but never the less the game was on.

In my hand was a two of hearts and a queen of diamonds. She then flipped up five cards.

“What do you have?” she asked.

“Two queens.” I replied.

“Shoot, Two nines” She then dropped her two cards on the bed and again she blushed. Just as she began to pull up her shirt, I became hard. Soon I was starring at her white bra firmly cupping her breast. I had goosebumps running through my body as I then shuffled the cards. I couldn’t take my eyes off her lovely breast, soon I thought, the bra will be off.

I lost the next hand and so I removed my shirt, but I was still safe, I had my jeans and boxers still on. But sure enough, I lost the next hand to and there I was just in my boxers, my boner was starting to deflate as I felt nervous although it was still noticeable under my boxers.

The next hand played in my favor and so Naomi had to remove her pants. She hoped of the bed, stood up and unbuttoned her jeans. Slowly she pulled them off. Underneath she wore cute white bikini panties which were string on the sides but it covered her butt still. Yet that was more then enough to get my dick rock hard and again I felt it throbbing in my boxers.

She then dealt out the cards and once again, it played in my favor. She chuckled and shook her head.

“Rules are rules” I uttered.

“Fine, I guess if I have to.” and she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra revealing her two very sexy little breast. Her nipples were dark and perky, simply gorgeous, if only I could touch one of them but I know, that would be against the rules.

Now it all came down to this last hand and one of us were going to lose. My heart was racing, I wanted to see the rest of her, I just had to. I shuffled the deck and offered her the cut. She refused and so I went on dealing the two cards. I looked to see what I had.

Yuck, I thought. A lousy two and nine of hearts. I flipped up the first three cards, a King of hearts, a ten of spades and a six of hearts.

“Ha ha, try beating that” Naomi shouted as she threw her two kings down on the bed. “three of a kind.”

“Calm down, I still have to more flips.” Though I really had hardly anything worth looking forward to. I flipped up the fourth card, Queen of clubs.

“Face it cuz, you have nothing.” I ignored her chanting and slowly flipped over the last card to reveal an eight of hearts.

“FLUSH!!!” I shouted.


“Deals a deal.” She then wrapped herself in a blanket and underneath the blanket she removed her panties.

“There you go,” she chuckled as she dropped her panties on the floor.

Now what was I to do, I had this raging boner that wants to get out and I can’t get even a flash for it. A part of me was saying, just take away the covers but I knew that wasn’t going to get us anywhere. Yet shortly after a few long seconds, Naomi got up and started heading out of the room wrapped up in her towel giggling.

“Wait I said,” she then stopped, turned around and faced me.

“What?” She asked. Oh what to say, what to say.

“How about I show you mine, then can I see yours?” She started to turn red and then she smiled.

“Alright, lets see it.” I then let my boxers fall to the floor and my dick sprung up throbbing in pain to want some kind of attention. Naomi then looked down and then she looked back up at me. Then in an instant she let the sheet fall to the floor.

There it was, her beautiful and sexy pussy. She had shaved around the edges as for the middle was all natural dark black pubic hair. She giggled as I stared at it and she couldn’t take her eyes off my cock.

“That’s the first dick I have ever seen.” She replied. “Can I touch it?”

I nodded with a smile and she came over placing her hands around my long shaft. I then reached for her pussy and started to rub the front of it as she kept her legs tight together, that was all I could touch. Still, it felt amazing.

“Can I ask you something?” I started.

“Whats that?”

“Can I eat you out?”

“Are you sure you want to, we are cousins you know.” Naomi hesitated at first but then nodded her head “Sure, let me lay down on the bed.”

At least this way I can get a full view of her slit.

She let go of my penis and crawled onto the bed keeping her legs together. I then crawled into bed after her and stood in front of her looking down at her knees. She looked so cute in that position. But as I place my hands on her knees, she simply and slowly spread her legs apart and there I was staring at her lovely tucked in tight little pussy.

I didn’t hesitate, remembering from what I did with Melanie, I started attacking her pussy with my tong and quickly I heard Naomi moaning. Faster and faster I licked as she squirmed back in forth. I felt her place her left leg on my back insuring that I didn’t escape as she was really enjoying this now.

Harder and deeper I licked out her hole and then I made my way back up to her clit and then she screamed loudly. As I played with her clit, I started to rub her butt. I gave it a good squeeze to pull her pussy even closer to my face. She pulled my hair, then dug her nails in my back as she screamed with pleasure.

Though I didn’t want to stop, a part of me really wanted to suck on her breast. I slowly moved my body towards her breast. I felt her pull me up closer to her face. Before I even had the chance to suck on her nipples, she pulled me in for a kiss.

At this point, anything that I felt was wrong felt so right. I closed my eyes and shoved my tong down her throat as she did the same to me. Over and over we kissed and as we were kissing I rubbed my penis against her pussy lips. It felt amazing, simply incredible.

She started moaning as she felt my shaft rubbing against her tight inclosed pussy lips. Harder and harder she kissed me as she dug her nails in my back. Then it was time for us to take a breath. We each looked down at my cock.

She then looked me right in my eyes. We both wanted the same thing.

“Just put it in a little bit, lets see how it feels.” she whispered.

I then nodded and leaned back to ease it in. She then in turn spread her pussy lips apart so that my cock could slip in. At first, it did not want to go in, but I wanted it in so bad. Slowly I pushed it and finally the head of my penis managed to go in and the feeling was unbelievably good.

With just the head in, I went back down to kissing her and as we kissed, I continued to push in slowly and occasionally having to pull back a little but soon enough, I had my whole shaft inside her pussy. We then stopped kissing and just watched each others facial expressions. Slowly I went in and out feeling her wet pussy lips massage my shaft of my penis.

She began to moan loader as she adapted to the pain.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Keep going.” she insisted and so I did slow and calmly.

“Harder,” she whispered. “Faster!”

I gradually speed up pumping my dick in her harder and harder. I couldn’t hold my orgasm back much longer, I wanted to cum.

“I’m really close,” I replied

“So am I, just keep going.”


“Just keep going, I’m close too, don’t stop.”

At this point I couldn’t hold back any further, I wanted to cum, so I started pumping her pussy harder and harder. Then I could feel my balls tighten up as the sperm traveled down my shaft. My whole body shook as I continued to pump with what strength I had to keep it erect.

The orgasm was unlike any I have ever experienced before, and just as mine was at its peek, I felt her legs tighten around my waist as she dug her nails into my back.

Her whole body trembled and shook as she finished her orgasm. At this point I collapsed on top of Naomi and started playing with her hair to relieve some of the tension. I then kissed her lips a few times and then the two of us just cuddled for a while.

The moment was magical and unforgettable and to this day, this story was never told to any one by neither myself nor Naomi…


  1. Dude!! That is incredible!! How did you manage t have that happen, lucky duck?

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