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Society is getting ridiculous

Society is getting ridiculous. We all know this, but, why should 12 and 13-year-old boys and girls be worried about it? My friend and I were talking over skype talking about society! How it breaks our hearts, how they silence us when we take a stand, throw us in jail.

Basically, do whatever they can to stop us. They’re afraid that soon we the people will be stronger than them, that they’ll have no power over us.

Our society and Government has ruined us and the free independent state we should be. Keep in mind that I’m only 12 about to turn 13 and I’m worried of being hurt, being silence. Worried over the world’s problems, when I should be talking about how so and so is so cute and what not!

Here I am anyways ready to show the world, the government, society, my friends, my family, that they need to OPEN THEIR EYES. See the world we’ve come to. Please, someone take it all in, don’t fight my opinion.

Share it. Tell them, “Hey _______, today I read an article by a 12-year-old girl talking about how stupid our society is, you should read it.” You should share this because, if you don’t no one will. Kids will still be worried of pain from our society, our world will crumble before us, and when people finally open their eyes, it’ll be too late.

~A concerned 12-year-old

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  1. i appriciate u and the way u exprees uor feelings here and u are nt alone i also suffer such problems and i have many friends they oll ………..have problems with socity…even parents are also…living for another buillshit people..not for their own childrens ..

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