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I had a very beautiful family…

Hi Everyone!
Here the people who write their story are who have been depressed or been hurt by their loved ones but mine is just the opposite. I had hurt my family. I am the sinner. Yes, you read it right, I am the loser.

I had a very beautiful family. Married to the best man I had ever came across. Had a job which I loved to do. Then one day I fell in love with a guy who worked with me. I just don’t know why and how it happened. We both loved each other. But we knew we were not meant for each other, so we planned not to meet again or cut down our meetings as it was leading us to love each other more.

We both loved our family as well. Then one day his wife came to know about our affair and he confessed to her everything. He came to me and told me all the thing. I said, it’s in your hands, if you want to save your family and live with them or leave them. You think, and I will support you in your decision. I knew he loved his family very much. He was in a dilemma.

I told him if you take your families side then you can take I will leave you and not ask anything. As we always used to say to each other that if we need to sacrifice each other for the sake of our family then either of us will not ask the reason and sacrifice. I told him but if you decide to leave your family then I am not going to leave you alone. I too will sacrifice my family for you. He said he need time to think as he was not in a state to decide so I said fine, take your time.

Later that day he called me and said he left home. I was nervous and scared too. I told him ok then I am with you because I felt somewhere the fire in his home is due to me too, so I can’t leave him alone. We both left our home town and moved to another city.

Fast forward: Few months passed by. We both were happy but at the same time we missed our families too and cried a lot. We prayed for them and always wanted them to be happy and had regrets that we had caused pain and hurt to our families.

One day he got a call from his wife and they both cried, and he was sad. I could see the sadness in his eyes and told him lets go back. I know your wife will take you back. Mine I don’t think my husband will but let’s go because we cannot build our house with their tears. He agreed.

Now he is happy and back with his wife. Me? I am at my parents’ house. Yes, my husband is kind, so he is in touch with me and talks with me. Other members of his family hate me and don’t want me. So, my hubby cannot take me. Every day I seek for forgiveness, even though I know the blunder mistake I have done.

I still have hope someday my hubby will take me. I believe in God. Every day I repent. I am so depressed. I cry in the darkness. But I know Karma has given me back my consequence. Now my friend hates me. I don’t have a single friend to talk to. I feel so hopeless. I made my parents shame full. I am ashamed of my act.

I am sorry for such a long story. Those who read my story, thank you so much.
Please feel free to comment. At least I will have someone unknown who is there talking with me. And yes, please feel free to get furious too. you can scold me too.

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  1. I love this story. People make mistakes. I love how you ended this post. I always feel so alone and want someone to talk to. Even if they are strangers. So hey, I just read your story, I am feeling your emotions and I am talking to you.

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