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Cousin sister on my lap

Cousin sister on my lap
When I was 14 and my cousin (mom’s sister’s daughter) was 10, we were traveling in a car. Because there was only little space her mom put her on my lap. I am sitting in the front seat, while her mom was sitting in the back. She is little fat so her back is little big and soft. I know I will get erection when she sits there, but what can I do. When she sits I tried not to think but my thing got hard and my thing was at centre between her ass. Then unfortunately I started to enjoy it and intentionally pressed against her ass. After arriving home, I Masturbated thinking about this incident, I am 20 now. I know what I did was wrong. But now I am like is this terribly wrong or mistake of my age?


  1. I don’t think this is wrong.. You didn’t intentionally do anything, You didn’t touch nor rape her. It was biological, now if you took that experiencing and began doing incest then it would be wrong.. But as for this happening I wouldn’t say its terribly wrong.

  2. Yes it’s wrong , you need to speak with a counselor before anything stupid happens and family falls apart

  3. I personally don’t think so-on YOUR part anyhow. the ADULTS on the other hand…should’ve taken certain facts into consideration and made different arrangements~ they should’ve realized YOU HAD GONE THROUGH PUBERTY and realized it COULD’VE happened, but it is what it is. don’t worry about it~ it wasn’t SEX and you yourself didn’t plan it. I gotta ask-if i may…did she respond to you in any way whatsoever during the ride?~

  4. yea you’re good; nothing else happened! so long as it never goes any further than that it’s alright!

  5. Yea, this aint on you; it’s on your ELDERS as they ALL should’ve been able to see you had just entered PUBERTY and actually used their heads~

  6. You didn’t seek out the experience; it’s one of those embarrassing, awkward, and humorous things that can happen to a boy in puberty. Biology is biology, having a sizable and plump female ass on your lap is going to be a turn on and even a little overwhelming for a young teenage boy, no matter who it belongs to. You didn’t ask for it to happen, it only happen once and you look back with a normal mix of guilt and arousal. This is NOT the same as grooming or imposing your will on someone. Cut yourself some slack and move on to more enjoyable and adult sexual experiences.

  7. im still thinking she liked your cock on her ass and thinking she went home and fingered her little pussy and i would lick her clean

  8. Dude, you should totally hook up with her now that you are both grown. No way to feel bad if she is a consenting adult.

  9. It’s totally fine what you did. Sex is nothing wrong, when you got wherever it was you should have fucked her. I got horny thinking about this

  10. You sick fuck! She was ten! Walk out into traffic on the interstate, pants off and beating your meat. With any luck you’ll get off one time before a semi takes you out.

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