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WHO AM I????????

I’ve been having trouble identifying myself, after going through death of a close friend and broken friendship which I dedicated myself to and would have done anything for, just broke in a snap.

When all this was happening, it was the last year of high school we were getting ready for college after whatever happened I thought of starting fresh and leaving the past in the past I felt like it would have helped but…. My past just can’t leave me alone and whatever happened in high school is just repeating but with different people and few new twist which is just more painful. I just want a normal teenage life is it too much to ask for I had no idea by asking for that it would hurt other people.

I can’t keep burying all this shit in me it hurts more and more every day.

Can’t even share my emotions with anyone as am too scared to share my feeling as I find it hard to trust people now and which just makes me bury my emotion in me. Sometimes I feel so selfish when I try talking about myself it hard going through all this pain and not telling anyone about it.


  1. U need to trust someone and pour ur heart out or else ur gonna lose ur urself in all this

  2. I’m assuming that you are a Female in which case instead of you doing all the burying deep inside of you you should let me bury something inside of you I’ll make you feel good about yourself;-) at least for a few minutes

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