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Trust… What does it means?

I’m all alone nowadays. I had good friend name Riya. We both were too good for each other. After a few months, my school friend started calling me and asking which coaching do you go…?

I lied her many times started saying I’m leaving that coaching because they don’t us well.

After a few days she called me and said send me yours coaching address that time I was forced to tell her that address. Next day she came now the question arises. Why I lied to her the reason is that she was never good to me. She has always shows her attitude towards me and I was not wanting to get us together in a while.

Riya was my good friend and she backstops too my school friend they both are one now and I’m all alone no one is my friend.

My mistake was the only I shared my feelings I sit alone in the class there no one to talk with me even they both are telling too everyone at me in the class and at home my mother don’t even talk with me.

I’m so frustrated. It’s so hard for me too sit alone?

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  1. It was brave of you to share your feelings, she didn’t think by telling others about your and her conversation would hurt you.
    I know exactly what you are going through, so my advice to you is to be patience and wait for a friend to come to you till then pay attention in school.

    To be honest am not that close to my mum but by starting a conversation with her and just talking and asking her how her day went and all kinda like makes it a little better.

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