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Today’s Generation is literally weird, isn’t it?

Today’s Generation is literally weird, isn’t it? They will post all types of craps on their Instagram and Facebook just to gain public attraction or as they call it “FOLLOWERS”. Seriously! You want followers for commenting on your weird looking pics. And I forgot to mention that today’s generation not only wants so-called “FOLLOWERS” but also privacy! Look at that two contradictory words FOLLOWERS and PRIVACY.

Seriously! You want strangers to follow your Instagram while maintaining the privacy. Fuck that idea! Today you will see people talking to each other with their earphones plugged into their ear. Now that’s called “ATTITUDE”! Attitude is EVERYTHING for today’s generation. I mean why? Is that earphone so IMPORTANT? I mean can’t you live without it for a minute as well. Is it oxygen? Nope, it’s not. But that’s ATTITUDE.

See today you will find girls in SUPERPOSITION of supporting monogamy and not supporting it at the same time. They say, “If I get a guy who ONLY loves me then for sure I will accept him”. I say fuck you. Girls who say these are themselves ignoring a guy who is behind her (I MEAN ONLY HER) for more than 6 or whatever years.

Today if a girl finds that a guy is behind her, then she would take whatever actions necessary to make sure that the guy doesn’t get to see her face at all cost. This is how they support monogamy. See I am not supporting FORCED love, I just want to ask WHY? WHY do you need to ignore that guy? Is that guy going to eat you up? Is he an alien?

Today you will EASILY find love DECAGON. Seriously! Because, Person A loves Person B, Person B loves Person C, Person C loves Person D and this CHAIN CONTINUES TO INFINITY (I mean 7 billion). And ha I forgot to mention today’s teenagers would fall in love with someone who would just ignore them like a cockroach/ant! and in spite of this, they would commit their life to that fucking person.

They say, “I will only marry that fucking person”. The Irony is that the fucking person won’t marry him/her ever in their lifetime. So logically our poor teenager would remain unmarried. Isn’t that cool? It is actually cool because the guy would get a title of TRUE LOVER. *FUCK YOU*. And ha the title is given by GIRLS (in SUPERPOSITION) you know!

So, by having the title of so-called TRUE LOVER, and having Instagram followers makes our GENERATION PROUD.


  1. I feel like someone from gen z(propably a girl) hurt you. You see the negatives that everyone remembers, but what about the real difficult ones? This generation is the most depressed one, but noone says anything. And why, it’s just a bunch of teenager right? No. Do you remember how you were critiqued when your generation was in it’s teens? Well surely people were comenting on it. And I have a feeling they didn’t see the positive aspects either. I must say, you’ve been around wrong people to come to such conclusion. As a generation Z child, I don’t agree with most of your statements. At least not from my point of view. Change your surrounding and take care.

  2. there was time before when girl’s smile was everything for man but now instagram is the new pretty girlfriend

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