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She judged the book by its cover

There was a girl in my college whom I started to like. A couple of day ago there was an event in the college. I took my friend to that event just to accompany me. She was also sitting in the row just before us. She was just looking around when her eyes stopped towards us. All of sudden current started to flow through my body. As if she was looking at me.

After a minute she again turned her eyes towards us. Then I asked my self is she looking at me or someone else. After the event we moved outside, and she was standing outside, like if she was waiting for one of us.

During the lunch she was again standing beside us. I went to meet one of my class-mate on the other side of hall leaving my friend there. After 5 minutes I came back and saw her talking to my friend and his phone was in her hand. She was typing her number in his phone. That moment shattered my heart. She doesn’t even know him. How can she do that. Is that all because he is fair skinned and more good looking?

I though a person likes other because of their character, personality, and intelligence. But this incident changed my mind. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is all the eligibility criteria to like someone. I am still not able to survive that trauma. “She judged the book by its cover”. Then I though why did I never talked to her before. I should have already told her what I felt about her. BUT then I though it happened for good.

I came to see her real face, what a shallow and superficial girl she is. AT THE SAME TIME, I felt so disturbed because this represents female psychology. And I am never going to get loved by anyone. All the good-looking guys will get all the girls without doing anything. What should one call it, Love at first sight or Lust at first sight?

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