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Nobody understand the way I feel

I’m in deep darkness right now. No matter how I tried to be happy I always fall down. I feel so empty, yet I come out as happy as any normal people would be.

I don’t understand anymore. There comes a time where I wish I was dead so that I won’t bother the people around me anymore.

I feel like a useless, stupid girl because right now I’m still confused or lost as to where I am going now.

Nobody understand the way I feel, and they never will because they never tried to. I’m tired of this I just want to disappear. I’m angry at myself because even though I’ve done my best I’m still not good enough.

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  1. maybe u need proper nutrition, yes, food. i as so depressed before too, i had alot of journals that contained my own toxicity, i cut and i almost dropped out of school. ive been judged for it, ive been brought to a psychiatrist and mocked over it. i felt like i dont deserve my second life– but that all just felt less and less and changed for me and now i can say im much better than before and it happened when i started eating right. with it my body just had enough of happy hormones like serotonin and such so now i deal with sadness better. just try all means first before u totally give urself up. but hey dont overdo the food.

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