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I do not want to continue this life

Well, I do not usually write or know how to write and express my feelings, but this week a thing happened and change my life… forever.

I was a very active and a dreaming girl, I did not believe in failure.

I work hard, and I planned everything for my life after graduation.

I did not think that in a minute your life can change and turn upside down.

But apparently as Gus said in the movie ‘ the fault in our stars ‘ that life is not a wish granting factory.

I cannot face the world, the people and my friends who will continue their dreams with my failure and see the compassion look on their face, I cut off my connection with everyone and every social media.

I cannot swallow my feelings, I cannot continue living my life.

I do not have any passion for anything anymore.

I do not want to continue this life.

I wish I can be someone else in somewhere else in the world.

I want to fall down in a long coma and not waking up anymore.

Because I am tired of trying.

I think when you van not have any passion any more this means that you are dying inside.


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  1. I do not know you but I want to say this to you. Every failure in life is actually a win because every loss is a lesson that will be needed to help propel your life in the near or far future.Go through the motions, cry, and let out your disappointment and sadness. When you are through I want you to pick yourself up and touch the left side of chest, you feel that movement? that is the rhythm of your heart beat which means you are living another day to get your situation right. You do have another opportunity to be someone new. All it takes is you giving yourself a mental shift. Listen to affirmations and remember that someone in this world loves and needs you to live. Don’t let your situation ruin you. Find that girl that was a dreamer and believed. Go to the mirror and see your reflection, all of those beautiful things still live inside of you.

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