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I would like to tell you a story.

I would like to tell you a story.

It’s a sad story, but a story nonetheless.

It’s about a girl with a dream.

A dream that, despite reality, never seemed to leave her mind.

A hope that, despite reality, never seemed to leave her heart.

It’s a story about a name.

A name she could never forget. A name that even after four years still brought butterflies to her stomach. A name that made her roll her eyes, smile, cringe, blush, cry, feel, remember.

It’s a story about a boy. (of course, it is)

A boy who was once a stranger, then a classmate, then a crush, then an idea, then a memory.

A boy who teased her in middle school, left her in high school, and terrorizes her mind four years later.

This is a story about a pessimistic girl who for some stupid reason holds on to a one in a millionth chance that he will come back and tell her that he liked her and that he remembered every memory as vividly as she did. Every inside joke, every prank call, every moment he made her smile. You see, she – against all logic and sense of judgement – believes that this is all part of God’s plan. That God wrote this story where girl likes guy, guy doesn’t like girl, guy moves to another country, girl and guy meet ten years later, guy falls hopelessly in love with girl, and they live as close to happily ever after as one can get in this world. But even she knows that God’s stories are beyond her dreams. She just struggles to picture what could be better than the story she’s hoping for.

This, ultimately, is a story about accepting reality. It’s about her learning to accept that she may never see him again. That God took him away, and no matter how she tries to bring him back, He’ll decide when, if ever, he’ll come back. This story is a sad story, but it’s an ongoing story. Because our girl is still learning.

She is slowly accepting reality.

She is forgiving herself for going back to the memories and silly hopes.

She is crossing her fingers for the day she runs into him. But most importantly…

She is waiting for that better story.



  1. This was beautiful, in a relatably tragic sort of way. All we can do is hope for that better story. But enjoy each chapter, don’t always stress the ending.

  2. I felt this way about a guy. but my story was different he liked me. we were young in grade 3, 8 years old. we were too young. for in grade 6, he told me he likes another girl. my heart is crushed. I can’t go on. I’m 12 and thinking about bad things. death. I don’t want to give in. his sister is my friend and she says he still likes me but I don’t know if he does. I see him in the halls of school as another year goes by. I feel like that girl in a movie. but I don’t have a happy ending.

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