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And I’m the ugly, awkward, weird, shy one

Just because I have no one to talk to, I thought I would share. I am a sixteen year old girl. I live with my parents and my older sister. I’m very very very insecure. Everything about me is just weird.

I’d always compare myself with other girls and that would make me even more sad. I have an eye bigger than the other, my nose is big, my teeth are crooked, and I’m too insecure to tell my parents that I want to get braces. They would always insult my teeth and talk about how ugly they are in front of everyone without even caring about how I feel, and I have social anxiety. It’s just horrible to deal with it.

Seeing all those confident girls, and even my sister say whatever the hell she wants, and do what she wants without caring about what people think about her, but me?

Who the fuck cares about me? Even if I talked to my parents about it, and wanted to go to a psychologist they would just laugh about it cause they think that I’m just weird and don’t know how to talk to people, and yet when I have a panic attack, they insult me and say really hurtful things.

It’s not like I help it and I would cry in the bathroom for hours. Also, I have no friends. I only have people who would laugh about anything I say. They don’t even talk shit behind my back. They insult me right in front of my face and laugh about it, and I just laugh too. I mean at least they sit with me.

They never invite me when they’re going out. They don’t even bother asking. I wouldn’t go anyways, and you’ve already guessed how my love life is, non-existent, and let’s just not forgot how everyone loves my sister cause she’s the outgoing and funny and beautiful one, and I’m the ugly, awkward, weird, shy one.

I’m not even the second choice, and all of the loneliness and fear caused my depression, and in this I’ve had social anxiety, an eating disorder, depression, and suicidal thoughts.


  1. hi ! just read this and I can relate so much. I feel the same way too tbh. but its okay, u are not alone. and even though I don’t know your name or how you look like, just know I am also here going through the same thing. I hope you figure things out asap. 🙂

  2. I know it’s a bit too late, I usually can’t place my self in other’s shoes, but your story is so relatable. I am 24 years old and I have been in your situation before. I am not good with words, so I can’t give you any meaningful advice. But please remember, you are not alone. Your age is the time when you are very sensitive, emotional, and ambitious. So it’s very common for ppl your age to compare their self to another ppl with the same age. Unfortunately, your parent seems to not understand about this. Which is, exactly how my parents were. But later when I was turning 20, I realized that they were being like that were half of my fault. You should be more open with your parents. When your mom is alone in the evening, tell her that you have a problem and you want to talk about it. I had done it and realized I should have done it earlier. And about your tendency to keep comparing yourself to ppl, trust me it’s just a matter of time. Sooner or later you’ll realize, it’s just a waste of time. Try to distract yourself, focus on your life goal, have fun with your hobbies, relax, listen to music, etc. Love your self?

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