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I feel a change coming and I hope it is a good one

So recently my summer has started, and I’m realizing as I’m getting towards my senior year that I am changing, and it took a lot of time to realize that. I never thought certain aspects of my personality would change this much and my friend group they are starting to grow up as well and our conversations aren’t no longer about things pertaining to school.

I feel a change coming and I hope it is a good one, and I really want to come out of my shell this summer and embrace myself – more importantly love myself more. I used to be so concern (even now) over how people (in particular; boys) would think about me and I would try so hard to be a people pleaser.

But I’m really done, I never really got this off my chest, but I want to be a better version of myself. I want to improve myself this summer, not only physically but mentally. I will only live and think for myself from now because I owe myself that much. From this point on, I’m going to treat my body better and I’m going to remove toxic people from my life, and I will put myself more out there and take and make opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen. This summer, I will make things happen. I will love myself and do anything to achieve the better version of myself.

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