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I had a powerful urge to undress on my walk alone

When I was sixteen I went on holiday alone for the first time. I enjoy walking and at one point found myself alone in the countryside. I had a powerful urge to undress but did not do so there. Just as well because some other people appeared.

But later that week I sought out a quiet place and experimented, slipping my clothes off for a few minutes. It was exhilarating. I have since found out about naturism but am surprised to find that naturist groups reject the idea of outdoor nudity as a sexual experience. For me it remains one of the most intensely sexual things I do, but I have never found anyone to share it with.

Now in my forties I have enough life experience to know that there is a broad range of stuff that is ‘normal’, but that the same time strong social taboos that make it impossible to safely explore what it means. I came online to see if a start could be made; a way of sharing my story anonymously. If not, I would have set it up. So, I’m telling it here knowing that there will almost certainly be others who have this desire to express this aspect of their sexuality.

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