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I want to forget

I want to forget. Really, I want to. And I would do it if I could but for now I’m stuck in a world where everything is just about him.

How can I even rewire my brain, is there any way I can move on to my life without him being in it? We just have a lot of memories together and I want him to be the one, I know I’m just afraid I wouldn’t find something as great as him that is why I want my The One to be with him.

But he is not just into me anymore, I feel it. It is just sad and devastating.



  1. I know exactly how you feel. She was all I could think about for half a decade. I tried everything to find closure. What finally did it for me was asking the one question I was always afraid of answering but denied in my heart.

    “Can we try again or do you want me to go away?” I got shot down.

    It’s sad and hard to swallow but sometimes the love you felt was no more than a fantasy you have in your head.

  2. I was in those same shoes – over a very simple relationship – and I let it consume me for years. Just know that time will fix your wounds. In the meantime, fight gravity and tilt your head up.

  3. Don’t think like that dear.There is pain in love failure and many of us has gone through that,me too…But when I felt such a situation I had 2 options before me…live in the past or move on.I decided to move on.It was not easy.But I tried and I started to find happiness even in small things and whenever memories start to haunt me I made myself busy doing anything.Slowly I had moved on.The memories are still living in my heart but I accepted that and let it go.Always think that when we face any failure in our life,it doesn’t mean that your life ends…it was just a chapter.Failure is a lesson and it makes us more mature…Don’t think nobody is there with you,nobody likes you…There are many persons who love us…our parents,friends….Our parents are the biggest treasure and nobody can love us more than our parents,their love is unconditional.So don’t take any decision that will hurt our loved ones.

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