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I am being a curse to my parents

I write this because I felt I need to share with someone, but I don’t know where to express and how to express. I have not set my career as desired by my parents and my younger brother is settled. I am being a curse to my parents because of my low income and it wold affect the family situation in future. I could not show my talent.

I did my masters, but I failed to succeed in the field because of poor exposure to global. I am worried if I can successfully shine in my life. I have confident but if I fail my generation will cures me like a hell. Since I have done MTech and not succeed it my fault?

I would like to change my career, but I could not able to move out the KPO. Always I guided the juniors but today it was a great challenge for be to face my family who stand in between a successful younger brother and retired parents.

I thought of leaving alone but my parents look like a wounded child falling with uncurable disease which hurts me a lot. My brother recommended his friend for a job in his company, but he got selected. I didn’t get a chance for the job. If there is a god why he planned a foolish life for me. I can’t even imagine my situation in the family who will depends on me. Life has to go I still believe I can prove my latent and earn money and succeed in life. I have girlfriend but my parents.

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  1. Hello. I was very moved by your story. You are a very clever person (masters degree level is hard and to study in a different country is doubly hard) and I see how much you love your family. Your family has raised an extremely giving and loving person who is brave. You are a blessing, not a curse. Not having a fixed path just means you are more open to opportunities that will come your way. I know I am a stranger but I send you my blessings and for all the best things to come your way. You tried something and even if it did not work out, you can at least not have any regrets. I hope now as the years have passed that things will be better for you and your family. Sending you many blessings

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