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I feel useless every single day

I feel useless every single day. Whenever I take a step to move I feel stupid, mad, and anxious.

I feel like everyone are staring at me and make jokes on me. I tried fucking hard to change and end up fall apart. I’m tired and suicide thoughts start to crowd my mind. I just want someone to hug me and say it’s okay.


  1. Well I can’t physically hug you but I would, I understand your pain and trust me suicide is not the right option I’ve tried and failed but at that time I hardly knew what suicide was I just did thing to punish myself because I am not worthy of this world and that everyone around me are much better and am a douche bag but am trying to stay away from suicide as it makes me feel becaus I am leaving behind ppl to cry over me which is not me. I don’t want to leave the world and leave somebody to moan over me id rather try living and showing the haters they can go do one because am coming back hard and braver and am gonna show the world that am the mother fucking queen ??
    (In a weird way hopefully this helps you)

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