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We didn’t even talk once but I feel like I like him a lot

I don’t know why or how but I like, like someone I don’t really know.

There is a boy I met at a zip lining trip and we didn’t even talk once but I feel like I like him a lot. He has been on my mind for the past couple of months. In my dreams. And even included in some of the stories I write. I want to see him again somehow, but he lives in another state and is always traveling from what I’ve seen. I wonder if I will be able to see him again but if I do I feel like it will be a bigger let down than before.

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  1. It’s normal to feel a sudden attraction to someone without knowing them at all. I have been there before but from all the experience I learned that it is not the actual person we like, it’s our imagination of what the person might be. It’s hard to get over someone you don’t know because all this time all you are falling for is your own imagination and not them. So, if you have never talked to the person, I can honestly tell you that you don’t like them.

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