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It has been 4 months now that I still keep thinking about her

I am a guy that is shy a lot. I always stay at home. And one day, I decided to join the trip camp with my friends. For the camp, there is only 3 day and 2 nights.

When I arrive at the camp for the first day and I feel like it is a wrong choice for me that I choose to go. But the things are changed when I saw a girl that makes my heart fall without knowing.

There are a lot of people from a lot of schools. And they put people into many groups. When I get into the groups and I feel it sucks that they separate me from my friends. Besides, I really want to go home after that.

But it changed after I met one girl that makes my heart beat so fast and I fall in love with her. But maybe she does not know that. I always look at her without her knowing that I have a feeling on her.

From that minute and makes me fall in love with her and I cannot stop thinking about her all day until now. It has been 4 months now that I still keep thinking about her. The last day of the camp makes me feel so sad that I wish they can extend more day for camp. But it never going to happens. I hope one that I can see her again and talk about my feeling toward her. I always smiling when I think about her. She makes me go crazy with her smile.

Crush, I hope that you can see this letter but it never going to happen. But I cannot erase your image from my brain.


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