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I have no one to talk to

I have no one to talk to. I am that kind of person who does not show their sadness. People says I am strong enough to endure any kind of struggle. But The hardest thing to do is enduring.

I wrote here knowing at least one person will read my inner thoughts. One person will understand me. One person will know the real me, Myself without wearing a mask. I don’t know any more if I’m in a deep depression or it is just my life is tough that I cannot feel happy anymore. Believe I have been through a lot. I have no regrets.

Because everything bad happened is not because I did not try hard or I did bad. It just life has been hating me since birth. I have one single regret which is hurting myself. Hurting my body. Leaving ugly scars in my OWN body. The body I loved. Despite all the flaws it had. I loved my body. It was the single thing I own and took care of to make it better.

One day Everything changed to the point I cannot look at my body as it was the most disgusting thing. Don’t hurt yourself. If You once harmed yourself like me. I feel you. Please be strong and Don’t do it again.


  1. Hey there I know its not easy to share as suffer with the same things but its really brave that you wrote it down here as well as you should be proud that now you are not hurting yourself

  2. Wow..I completely understand where you’re coming from with respect to not having anyone to talk to and just wanting someone you can be your complete genuine whole self with; without fear of judgement/ Someone who just GETS can say whatever however and you may fall out but you talk it out and the friendship becomes even stronger.. I get it. I’m surrounded by people and I also feel the same. I literally have like two friends who have their value in my life in different ways Of which I am grateful for but unfortunately I’m still yearning that ultimate friendship. So hun you’re not alone. I really pray that that connection you’re yearning for becomes your reality very soon. And that you continue to see your God given beauty so there wont ever be anymore scars! xx

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