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I told my best friend about my boyfriend and it was actually a huge mistake

I was thirteen when I first fell in love with a guy and I truly loved him with all my heart. I was actually ‘the popular girl’ in the school so I used to laugh around and make jokes that any guy can fall in love with me.

So, I told my best friend about my boyfriend and it was actually a huge mistake because my good friend, had a crush on him before I was in a relationship with him. So, my best friend went to her and told her about this. I didn’t mind it, but she was really pissed.

My boyfriend broke his phone and there was no way (except for one) if I could communicate with him. I asked my best friend if she could help me. One day, I saw him looking sad so there was only one way to ask why he is so. My best friend has a brother who’s in the same grade as my boyfriend’s. Actually, we are separated.

The girls were in the other class and the guys were in a different class. So, my plan was to ask why he is sad and isn’t giving me a face. And then at this moment, I told my best friend that it’s so fine if he wants to break up with me because there are 1000 of guys waiting to date me. I meant it in a funny way and I never told her to tell this to her brother and her brother tells him.

She fucking told him. After a day, my boyfriend came to me and told me, screw you I’m dumping you. That moment was the most heart-breaking moment for me. I never loved someone as much as I loved him. I was heartbroken, and all this happened because of a bitch who was actually on the side of my good friend. She thought that I stole my good friend’s boyfriend. Like BITCH WHAT THE FUCK? He wasn’t even her boyfriend and she never dared to say hi to him.

After all this thing, I never dared to love a guy more than myself because I’m broken inside and I learned a lesson and that is that you value more and don’t lose yourself because losing yourself is the hardest thing to return back. I will never forget this moment in my whole life.

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