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Headaches always seem to be the worst

Headaches always seem to be the worst, but then you have the reason for your headache. Perhaps your sinuses are acting up or the room is too bright. Perhaps your work has issued on a bunch of stress or you’re going through wicked withdrawal.

Simply said, most headaches are just the frosting on a three-layered cake of problems. Given this, I know my headache is nothing compared to the turmoil racing deeper inside me. This stress headache cannot be solved with a couple pain killers.

There’s nothing I can do but wait. But waiting is much more difficult when seeing that I have no clue when the pain will stop. At this moment, I beg for an easy way out. The headache isn’t the problem anymore.

The problem becomes every aspect of existence that contributes to my self-hatred. In my head, I am screaming. The only thing keeping me from falling apart at the seams is typing. The feeling of computer keys underneath my fingers is a link to reality and an escape from my mind. But my headache doesn’t stop. My thoughts never truly go away. It’s something I’ll have to live with. Possibly for all my life?

I have no clue how long I must wait. Perhaps until the day I am laid down in my grave.

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