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I fell in love with my catfish

Hey, I did something. Something terrible and I hate myself for it.

There was this girl, I am a girl too by the way, she was in my school and she was quite annoying at the time, so to get back at her, I created a fake account on Instagram and it was a guy supposedly, let’s call this girl… Brittany. Anyways Brittany got really close to my catfish account and I dated her.

On catfish. On line.

I started being a complete dick to her on my catfish account and I, as in me, not my catfish would see her in school everyday looking upset for a while I enjoyed it but then it started hurting me too, seeing her all upset, she didn’t deserve this. One day I went on my catfish account and broke up with her, told her I’m deleting the app and don’t want to be with her anymore. Soon I logged out and it was all good, or so I thought.

I started noticing something in Brittany, her being sad worried me, I wanted to just be with her and make her happy, I wanted to give her all my happiness. I often saw her in school, one day I told her to sit next to me and we became friends after then. I’d often tell her jokes and try to make happy cause I knew I upset her, very much.

The thing is though, I fell in love with her…

I confessed, turned out she was bisexual, like me.

We have been a thing for more than a month now..
I still haven’t told her about the catfish I don’t have the courage too.


  1. I don’t think you should tell her. Even though you should never keep secrets, some things just needs to be kept private. This all happened for a reason and you should keep it that way.

  2. Yeah, if you like her you better make sure you don’t tell her. If you do, she’ll hate you for being in her life with ‘bad intention’.

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