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I have a boyfriend but kind of boring

I have a boyfriend but kind of boring. I have to tell him anywhere I go. I felt like I didn’t own my own life. I can’t freely go whenever I want and yes I admit it that he is a boring person. He always text the same message. Everyday always a same text and he doesn’t romantic at all. At first we were just friend. Now, I just want to be friend with him but I don’t have courage to tell him. I afraid I hurt him 🙁 what can I do? It feel like stuck in the middle.


  1. Hai dear… I do understand what kindof situation your facing… I just wanna ask you some questions…
    1) who proposed first?
    2) how will he react when you both meet up?
    3) Did you share your romantic feelings with him? And what was the reply??

  2. You should tell him if you go any further in this relationship you will be stuck and can’t get a way out.

  3. I really suggest you tell him hon. You’re not only doing yourself a disservice by staying but your’re also doing him a disservice as well. I understand that you don’t want to hurt him and that only speaks to the kind of person you are. But, I suggest if you find it difficult to speak it to him face to face, write him a letter and then meet with him, give it him and explain this is the only way you could do what you’re doing. Be honest with him in the letter, talk about your incompatibility and your desire to allow him the opportunity to be with someone who will be a better partner for him and vice versa. Wish him the best and leave it at that. Try not to prolong it because if he’s not accepting of it he may work his way back in with promises to do better ect, But I’m telling you hon if you feel so strongly about leaving, then do just that. Do what’s best for you. If you feel like blocking his number after you’ve had the sit down is what will be best for the both of you then do that. I pray things work out for you! xx

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