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I think that he’s really stupid but he’s cute to me

I want to be in love. I really like this guy in class and I get to sit next to him during biology. I think that he’s really stupid but he’s cute to me.

He’s white and I’m sure he’s done so much weed and acid that his brain cells have all died. He drinks monster every day in the mornings and spaces off for a while before I can get his attention. Today in class we were using the microscopes and we got to be partners. I told him to look at it and he was like “HOLY FUCK” with his mouth wide open and his eyes in all shocked. I had to smile at that and I felt this other classmate looking over at me in judgment (the boy I like has a girlfriend and most of the school hates him because he’s an ass).

Anyway, I was trying so hard not smile but I gave up eventually because he was just so funny to me. So, we had to place things under the microscope and draw them out on paper and I always had to keep looking back at the microscope because I have a horrible memory. I leaned back to the lens to take a closer look but then he was about to do the same so we both kind of just backed up for a second and he was so kind saying, “oh sorry you go first ” It made want to die just thinking how cute we would be as a couple.

I picked up the dish and asked him to get the next sample and when he reached for it, our fingers touched gently!!! I know it’s pretty sad to think that that might be the closet I ever get to any “action”. Later on, he was being so darn hilarious (that’s code for stupid) that I kept telling him to stop but in a playful manner. Every time I looked at him I smiled, and I wanted so badly for to smile too.

The most intense moment of our encounter wasn’t really that obvious. I don’t think he realized that when he made a long moan my legs started to weaken, and a rush of sensation came down in between my thighs.

Oh my God I just wanted him pressed against me so tightly that all I could feel was him and only his warmth. Every time I thought that he was looking my way, I wanted him to be looking in awe at me. Even though my body wasn’t as cute as button and my skin was harshly weathered I was beautiful in that moment with my soft hair and my flowered dress. I was his precious little lover; all his and he was all mine in that moment.

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