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As a teenager, my life was depressing just like some other people

My life. I don’t really know where to start from.

I was so little and so happy, because I didn’t understand what life was.
Playing games, having friendship, having so much fun that at some point, in life there is always a person which is going to ruin it all. Your dreams, your life, your future.

Sometimes I wonder, if I am the only person in this world, which is born very different from others that they all look and do the same thing.
Make ups, workouts, hangouts, doing stuff that are illegal and not nice for them.

Everyone life is different but not as much as mine is from them.
As a teenager, my life was depressing just like some other people.

We get bullied, we get made fun of, we are low in life at some point, but people like “us” understands life better and feels like they don’t belong to this part of the world where they are at.

I don’t consider myself an emotional person, since my emotions died very long time ago, but what worries me more is how do I bring my life better, if I don’t see myself living better with this other people around me and not to talk about the jobs.

How will I work here if people around me don’t act normal and nice to each other but crazy like they are in playground with drugs and girls.

I am a person who just sits on his/her computer, plays games, draws, never communicates with any friendships because there isn’t any real ones here, and spends time sitting on his/her chair thinking how will life work out for me, with all this crazy stuff and problems happening that won’t even bring me 1 dream to come true, even if it’s just a small dream like buying myself candy from store.

My life for now is not going well, I am not someone emotional who thinks about suiciding, even if I did on my teenager years, but it doesn’t really bother me if I come to an end, alone and broke.

I kept having a dream of being happy, accomplished and people from the community websites kept telling me to find a job, get money and friends.

But no one really sees that the place where I live at, is actually a living hell, living around people who just visit hell, the people that I tough that are nice, and innocent, were actually doing stuff no one should had done at the young age.

But I guess I am the only one here who actually knows what life is and feels it.
I understand people want to be fun and happy, but this people here are more than just fun and happy.

Are stupid and ungrateful with what they have and what the people family did for them.

I am alone, I am single since I was born, and I never actually felt any feelings towards anyone because I realized how bad life is in here.

All I can do with my life is “Hope” and “Dream” just for the sake of my life to keep going.

Without that, I don’t think I would had been able to keep living.
But since I am here and sharing this important thing with you, it means you must not give up as well.

Even if we don’t survive life, I believe it’s better whatever is beyond life.

No one can tell, but I can give out promise to everyone out there, life challenges you to survive this hell where all the pure people are put to a test, to survive all the dumb and aggressive people who think they are smarter than you.

I guess this is all I want to share with everyone, I hope my life gets better and to everyone out there who reads this, don’t feel down just because some stuff is impossible, it can’t be worst from an ant life which lives for short only to collect food for other ants until it dies and someone else eats his work and it repeats.

Just like how humans are, you work hard for someone else, but sometimes, you just have to admit it and show others that you can live better and survive.

I wish you luck and to have a happy life, as I will probably never have anything to share anymore.

Goodbye, and stay strong, my friend.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck in your future as well. You are right the world is a totally weird place. I also feel like I don’t belong into this world at all.

    But I have dreams and hopes like everyone else. The difference is that I won’t rest peacefully until I achieve them.

    Life is really short and everyday I’m reminded of that by not getting done the things i had planned for that day. That’s why you need to enjoy life as much as you can.

    “Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” -Gerard Way

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