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I’m always feeling like everyone around me does not like me

I’m always feeling like everyone around me does not like me. Does else ever get that feeling? I know that I have friends.

I mean every day at school I’m always talking to people. It’s just outside of school where it feels like I have no friends. You know those “friends” who always say that you need to hang out more outside of school.

That’s all my “friends” they never try to make any plans with me and when I try and makes plans with them they say they can because they are busy. Anyone else just feel so lonely in this world??


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  1. I felt like this for 4 years…
    It’s a normal thing for me already. Thats because these supposed “friends” are not friends at all. I rather call them “strangers with some memories”.

    At school we were always talking about all sorts of things but when it came to go somewhere outside of school, we never did. Only if the reason to go out was to drink alcohol. Even this took place just 4 times during 4 years. So yeah…. I feel like nobody cares as well. Everyone seems so busy, the problem is that only the friends that really think of you as one will make their time for you. I have one really good friend with whom I went through all of my school years uptil now, but since he got a girlfriend we stopped hanging out completely.

    The thing is that I stopped really carring about anyone I knew at this point (except that one friend). I focus now more on things I want to achieve in life than to waste time on people who will once forget me.

    If you want to stop the feeling of loneliness then I suggest you to find your life goal if you didn’t already and focus on it day in day out. That is at least what helped me to get rid of that feeling.

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