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I have fallen in love with my best friend

So listen to this: I have fallen in love with my best friend.

We met a few years ago thanks to my parents and visit each other every few months and text everyday all day. I don’t how it happened but I fell for her a few months ago. I never told her or anything and kept my my usual gig.

She’s gone through so many dudes who just want her body and leave. Recently we were facetiming and my tongue slipped. I said that I loved her. I tried to play it off as a best friend thing but she didn’t buy it. I also said I don’t care who she dates because it’s her life. But I do care. It sounds selfish but I want it to be me. She has a big heart that has been betrayed so many times. She’s so skeptical about guys since most of them just ask for sex. But I just want her.

Every aspect that makes her amazing. From her pouting about a argument over fish to her spamming me with emoji for hours on end. Yeah I guess sex would be awesome too but I have no interest in that. I just want her. I wanna wrap my arm around her and whisper all the shit I love about her. I wanna watch movies next to her until my eyes bleed. I just want her. I just want to make her happy all day every day; to make her feel safe and she can tell me anything. She’s constantly on my mind. It sounds stupid to call it love, but I do. I love her.

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  1. Hey, if there’s any chance she might feel the same or at least appreciate your feelings: tell her the exact same things you wrote here. I know it’s hard, but there’s so much to win by being brave in this situation.

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