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I spend my time either chained with my arms up for tickling, whipping & cutting

I discovered bondage at the age of sixteen and met another guy my age. I admit until I was twenty one I sneaked out late at night to his house for sessions, usually involving me not being allowed to enter the house until I stripped completely nude outside, me being tied up standing with my hands high above my head, and either getting tickled, milked, and/or lightly whipped.

When I turned twenty one, I submitted total control of me to him, and he whisked us to a bondage tolerant nudist community. Now I spend my life with no clothes (even outside) and his fetish for body odour led him to banning baths, showers, soap, or deodorant.

If I do get cleaned, I am tied up outside and hose sprayed with plain water, either ice cold or burning hot depending on master’s mood. I spend my time either chained with my arms up for tickling, whipping, cutting, etc, or on my tablet.

I must hold my arms up at all times unless they are being used and during meal time I am on my back with my hands under my head, with masters food dumped on my belly, where he eats it from, and mine dumped in my armpits, where I am fed from. I am even used by my master to wipe his hands and mouth on. If I attempt to clean any food or mess put on my body off my body I get punished, so I must live with sauce and other things on my body until I get sprayed down, which is anywhere from a week to a month in between. And yes, before you ask:

His house stinks due to my 4 years of body odor

My armpits are most ticklish

When restrained, I am standing with hands chained far above my head so my arms are held up

My arms hurt from holding them up all the time

I get tickled, whipped, cut, punched, slapped, pinched, short nails driven into me with a hammer, and scratched

I was not branded, instead he used scarification to mark me (Carving a symbol with a scalpel that heals into a permanent scar) on my belly

Yes this was consented, as I said I gave him control over me.

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