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Never give up

Hello, my name is Linda Ruth Akaliza. I am a high school graduate of 2017. I have been accepted to two good colleges but wasn’t able to join any of the colleges.

In my senior year my English teacher helped my apply to a college in US. It was the school I was dreaming of. A college that isn’t so big student were good, I was even given accepted before graduating. That meant I was to start right after I graduated.

The scholarship was good I had got a really good reduction compared to what others were to pay. I was so exited that I told my parents right away. When I got home I told them about everything I had talked about with the school.

My parents have always told me and my sister that we should be able to apply for ourselves or else we won’t be able to join college, in other words we had to do everything single thing by ourselves.

They thought and still think applying is just filling forms in one day and there you get accepted. So, after telling them about the school the reaction I got was not what I expected. They actually got angry and told me that “there do you think we get the money from huh? Do you think we grow them on trees or what? ” I wasn’t even appreciated for even getting far to having been accepted.

Everyone at my school knew I had the acceptance at the school but when time come to start I was still home. I was bullied about it saying that I was just a showoff who was lying about having an admission.

Life goes on and I’m used to people taking all kinds of things. I moved on took a gap year got a job so as to get some money to pay for some other college. When 2018 started I started working and looking for good school to started in that fall. I got a college again that was the best in teaching and scholarships. I applied got a conditional admission because I hadn’t done an English text. I was given a $14000 scholarship for international students.

The other good thing was I wasn’t to pay the tuition not a till I was already there and I would be able to pay in installments. I went ahead and told my parents again this time it was promising they told me to ask for more scholarship. I did so and was given more $3000.

My mum told me to go though with everything I told the school I would be coming. I got papers to fill and send back so as to get documents that would allow me to apply for a student visa. I filled my part in the forms and waited for my parents to fill there part. A few days ago I ask them if they did fill the form they were so upset and I didn’t know why.

When I asked what was wrong I was told that I’m always getting school that don’t offer full scholarship. I told them that getting full full scholarship isn’t easy this days. They don’t get it as they don’t get how we don’t apply to all schools. Since then I feel like I shouldn’t be getting mad at them because it won’t change a thing. I know there will be a time when I will join the school of my dream. Never give up.

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