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No one seems to care about me

I have just graduated high school and when I should be having the time of my life I’m miserable. I am depressed, I spend all day in bed watching TV shows. I thought I had a good amount of friends during high school but now that it’s over no one talks to me unless I talk first and no one invites me to anything.

I have so much love for everyone else and it just hurts that no one loves me. I have too much to say as I have spent my days and nights thinking about every perspective but I’m too tired to talk anymore. Thanks if you took the time to read this, I hope you are having a good day?


  1. hey buddy. I feel the same, but always love unconditionally never expect anything from anyone. then u will be the happiest person.

  2. I just read your post. It sounds that you are depressed because of love or close to it. Don’t let anything bring you down, life is to beautiful to wasted it in someone that doesn’t deserve you. Everyday wake up and go to the gym or for a walk, but don’t stay in bed thinking about something that is not worth it.

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