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I start my life in 1990 when I was born

Hi Guys, this is Ajay from Siwan Bihar Today, I’m going to share my autobiography although there is nothing special in my autobiography, but I assure you will get a lot.

I start my life in 1990 when I was born. I am from underprivileged family. My father is a simple farmer because he doesn’t well that how to farm anything. Before 2001 he used to work in Kolkata in temporarily even, he does not that how to work.

At the time we had four brother my elder brother was very innocent any decent person. The condition of the house was pitiable because we had no other source income instead of father’s job. So, my elder brother his name was Munna. At the time he was 16 years old. Due to bad condition of house he begin to learn that how to repair Bike but after some days he went to Kanpur with his friend for job.

He begun to work. In 2001 the day was Monday my father got back from Kolkata. We all are enjoying with him on the roof. Because he had brought new dresses and sweets for us. Since then a man came to my house and informed my father and mother as well that your younger son is badly ill.

Everyone begun to cry. Anyhow we all spent night. In the early morning my uncle and a villager went to Kanpur to see my elder brother by plane. To go to Kanpur money was taken from a villager. When they reached there. What they saw was very terrible. He was dead. I can understand feeling o. f a mother. She was getting mad. Shy was crying a lot because she had been lost an apple of eye. After funeral him. They got back at home. My father was fired from his company because he stayed at for long time. . . . . . . . . . . .. further I will write soon.  Thanks.


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