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Brother comes in and starts watching me

I’m 16 and this happened a while back. I was with my family for summer and I was alone or I thought I was and I was jerking my dick and in comes my brother he’s standing there watching me jerk off to porn on my phone and he walks up to me and I cover my dick and he gets on my bed and sticks his hand in my pants and starts to jerk me off a few seconds later I nutted so hard I hit his face and hand later that night when my family was asleep and I was jerkIng off again and my brother walks in and he walks up to me and says what are you watching.

I said an adult video he looks at my phone of a man giving a blow-job and I hold my phone to my dick and he starts to lick my dick than starts to suck my dick like a porn star it was amazing the next time my brother and I were home alone and we were naked together and he was sucking my dick and jerking me off and later he said he wanted to go more extreme and later that night my brother and I ended up fucking in his bed I fucked him doggy missionary and cowgirl I nutted in his ass it was great he said he can’t wait for me to come back to his house with my dick to fuck him.

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