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I think I lost my love

I think I lost my love just because I was too arrogant. I am in relationship with this guy for ten years and I got married to him 2 months ago. I now know that he had a relationship for last six year with some other girl. It really has hurt me so bad to discover that.

Moreover, I am more hurt at the fact that I gave up on other chances of love. All this time in the relationship I was very unhappy. I always had doubted that he had an affair and every time I confronted him, he would deny it. It would really make me feel like I was an idiot to doubt him. But when i found he had an affair, this is killing me.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like i have wasted all my youth after some guy who wasn’t even worth it. Funny thing is I got married to him. It hurts so so bad. I feel like I have wasted my life on love which wasn’t worth it and I am not sure if i can divorce him. Love really sucks.

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