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Nothing can be more painful

Nothing can be more painful and heart wrenching than listening words like “You are getting older, have turned 30, Prince Charles will have got a triple from London, job chorro has come home, has become more brain dead” from your own father when you refuse a boy to marry.

It looks like a girl is born to get married only. If you say no, then “Teaching all the writing is useless”, if you say no then “Doing a job has destroyed my mind”.

You should say yes even if you feel choked,even if you are not ready for it, because “You are old, who will get married, Prince Charles will come from London for triplets”.

And yes after marriage problems are yours. “Now that triple house”, you have to adjust. And then they will sob on destiny. Don’t give birth to a girl if you cannot respect her choices or if at least you cannot speak to her respectfully. Yelling and shouting on her would only weaken the bond to the extent that either the bond will break or the person.

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