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I have had this intimate relationship with a 9 year old

I have had this intimate relationship with a 9-year-old for the past 4 years. I go to her house whenever my sister does. (she’s 11). The 9-year-old comes over to me and gets a little too close. She always wears pretty clothes like she is trying to seduce me because she knows I’m coming over. We sit beside each other at the table and I am always squeezing her leg in a sexy playful manor. She loves it.

We start holding hands. When we are on the couch, she always lets me grab her ass. She never asks me to or hesitates. There is nothing being forced here. One time we were playing hide and seek, and we were hiding in the same spot and she pretended to be scared of the dark and curled up with me and I grabbed her ass. We don’t talk when we do these things. We just do them.

There is no relationship, it just happens. I grabbed her boobs when my sister was looking for us and she let me. She loves being around me when we took a walk downtown, we stood back in the group and every time they looked away, she touched me, and I immediately held her ass. I love her so much, but I think it would be wrong to talk more about it with her I love how we do things now. Even when we are in the car in the back its her me and my sister and I put my hand down the side just to touch her ass and she loves me to.


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