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It hurts to realize that people around you are fake

It hurts to realize that people around you are so fake, but you know what hurts more? Knowing that people who are close to you are not any different from all. Lies, fake promises, false hopes, this is all I receive.

But maybe it’s my fault that I expect too much from them, and end up getting hurt. You do not want to be hurt, leaving is the only option, but you can not even leave because you do not want to hurt them. Trust issues have bordered me so badly, that i refuse to trust anyone but my parents.

Now I am in several dead and hopeless friendships with people. It does not kill me anymore, because I expect nothing. I am not selfish, but I am not gonna continue to hurt myself just so I do not hurt others. It just feels like I am watering some dead plants, knowing they won’t bloom.


  1. you are absolutely right…this world wont understand our kindness so we have to be selfish with others…cause this world don’t deserve kind people

  2. i know what it’s feel. me too, i think i might die if i stand still. but, no one, literally no one, even my fish care about me. i feel so bad lately, it’s just like everyone around you put the mask on theirs. sometimes i just like you were so fuck off with the situation, but you just put your derp face mask. it’s so shitty shit. fuck off!

  3. If you want meaningful relationships, try to work on being reliable yourself. Avoid negative people by following your intuition. Do the above two things and you’ll be in good company.

  4. Try to work on being trustworthy yourself. This is probably why you end up with bad friends.

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