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Mom was jealous when I made my girl moan

It was the day before Thanksgiving when I had a girl in my bedroom. I was twenty-two. I was on top of her slowly drilling her with my dick. My girl, Michelle, was moaning and gasping with each slow thrust. I like to pull my dick out until the large head was barely in her pussy (a technique taught to me by a forty-year-old when I was fifteen.

Michelle opened her eyes and was staring at my bedroom door for a few minutes while moaning. When I was about to cum, she said, “Your mom”. I looked up and saw my mom (who was home early). I began cumming in Michelle when I said, “Mom”.

Later, we talked about it and mom said to lock my door.

Christmas eve we came back from a party and had a few drinks. Michelle had gone home. My mom sat next to me drunk and I noticed her hand was rubbing my thighs. Then she tongues kissed me. She said she was so jealous to hear Michelle to moan as I fucked her.

Soon, we were making out on the couch and mom pulled my shirt off and sucked my nipples. Her hands unbuttoned my pants and they and my underwear were off. My cock was six inches with a large head. I had an ample amount of pubes and mom kept running her hands through my bush.

She took off her clothes as we went to her bedroom and got in her bed. She pulled me on top of her and I slowly fucked her as she moaned and cried. I love sex with older women, and I came inside of her in five minutes.

She told me it was a long time since she felt a man cum in her. We do it now on a monthly basis. She’s even joked about Michelle joining us. I don’t know if I’m ready for that.


  1. Do a threesome. That’s okay. And be flirty. Use your moms panties to masturbate.

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