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I go on nude hikes with my 15 year old stepdaughter and have sex

I live with my wife and stepdaughter, and I am a closet nudist. My wife has no idea. She won’t try it, so I sneak out to the resort.

I was at the resort one day and I heard Mike! I looked and saw my stepdaughter standing there. She was nude and looking at me smiling. The first thing I asked was “how did you get here”?

She told me she comes here with her friend from school, “don’t tell mom”! I said OK and we talked a bit.

It was strange at first since she was looking at my cock but we both agreed to not tell anyone.

She knew mom would not like it. She was 15 at the time. She told me she had been coming here for a few months.

The next weekend I asked her if she wanted to go hiking, something we had done a lot of. She grabbed her gear and we headed out. We went to the nudist resort instead.

One time her mom had to go to her sisters for two weeks. She was bored and I had been working a lot. So, after I came home from the airport, I went in and my stepdaughter is running around nude. I took my clothes off and we decided to use the free time to relax and not hide it at home.

It was nice. We both enjoyed it a lot.

A few days into it I started to walk around half hard. She didn’t seem to notice. I was feeling horny and no wife to be found.

One day I was watching TV and she walked in and I was rock hard. She sat down and was talking. She kept looking at my cock.

She said she wanted to hike the lost canyon trail this weekend. So, we decided to go.

Saturday we headed out to no man’s land. We arrived early and no one was in the parking lot. This meant the trail was empty.

As soon as we were around the bend she stopped and undressed. She mentioned that we can see the parking lot from up top and will know if anyone is coming up the trail.

I agreed and we both were wearing our back packs and hiking boots.

The hike is nice and easy. It’s 7 miles. We were both enjoying the hike. Her boobs were bouncing, and my cock was swinging freely. It was great.

Around the 1/3rd point we could see the lot and it was still empty.

Sometime later we reached the top of the trail. I climbed on a rock to look back at the lot and saw no cars.

We went into the shade of the peak and had lunch.

When I was laying back and the sun was shining on her and her shaved pussy. It was glistening. She looked so sexy standing there in just her boots. My cock got so hard so fast, that I didn’t have a chance to stop it.

She looked over at me and smiled.

I just said “oops”.

She laughed and squatted to pee. That was hot to see.

Since she didn’t care, I decided to just lay there and enjoy the breeze on my cock and watch her pee.

She walked over to me and stood between my legs. She went to say something but didn’t.

A few seconds later she licked my cock and said she wanted to make love with me.

I didn’t know what to say at first. But she said no one will know, and she took her boots off, then took mine off.

She laid down in the leaves. Her pussy was hot and sweaty, I slipped in easily. She was so tight, but it felt so good.

I don’t think I came that hard in years, and I came a lot.

After, we were laying there. She was on top of me and we were enjoying the afterglow of sex.

She quietly said, “ she liked me cumming in her.”

I then asked her if she was on birth control.

She smiled and said it’s a little late now. But I am. Then she shocked me and said, “it would be more fun if I wasn’t”.

When we hiked down, we were holding hands and walking slow. She had cum dripping down her legs, and I had some on the end of my cock.

We got dressed before we left the trail.

The rest of the time we were alone we made love every day.

When her mom got back we stopped it. We didn’t sneak around.

We would still go to the resort on occasion and hike off for sex, but nothing at home.

A few years later she went off to school and we never did it again.

She is married and we have 2 grand-kids.

To this day I will always remember her saying “it would be more fun without birth control.”

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