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If I got caught, it wasn’t so bad.

My sisters friend would come over on weekends they are both 2 years younger then me.

It started the summer I was sixteen. We lived in a small home, only shower was down stairs and my sisters and Mine bedroom where up stair, there also was a guest room next my sisters and across the hall from mine.

That summer my sister and Deb took a shower, to get back up stairs they had to pass between me and the TV. As Deb passed by she exposed a wonderful site to me a nice cream colored cheek.

That evening I could hear their conversation and my sister asked Deb if needed a pair sleeping cloths and Deb said no she sleeps nude, that got my mind running in x mode.

That night after everyone was a sleep and every time Deb stayed over I would sneak into her room and peek under the covers. I was getting a lot of practice because I would sneak into my sisters room and lift the cover because by then she was sleeping in he panties.

I got so good I could lift up her panties and get a peek at the crack of her ass and depending on her position I could feast my eyes on pussy.

Because of this practicing, when Deb was there I got to the point that I could wet my finger and slide it along Deb’s crack and again if she was on her back I could part her lips with my finger tip. Then one night I thought I was doing so well ( I had in the past got her lips parted with two fingers I could see her vagina) I wanted to stick my finger in and taste it.. A hand grabbed me, I tried to pull back but she held on tight leaving it there between her legs, then I here this quiet voice ask me, “what our you trying to do”.. I was caught so I told her everything, that I had been doing this for a year every time she came over I left out that I had been practicing on my sister.

I also pleaded that she not say anything to my parents and I will not ever do it again. Deb had a different plan. So this is what I had to do so she would not tell anyone, she was going to bring a extra pair of panties or two and I was to wear them when I sneak in to this room. She still wanted me to try and play with her when she was sleeping, if she caught me before I got my finger between her legs I would have jack off in the panties and then lick the cum off the panties. She said the bonus is if you get your finger inside me. I will allow you to taste me and I will jack you off.. She jack me off plenty and only kissed and swirled tongue around my head once, I tasted her plenty. Never had to go back to my sister this was a lot more fun.


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