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I got my first blow job when I was twelve

I got my first blow job when I was twelve and it was from my thirty year old Aunty.

She came to visit quite often and lately she had been playfully swatting my butt and grabbing my crotch.

My Mom thought it was funny and just laughed when she did it but although I was only twelve, I wasn’t stupid and I knew about sex and I would get a raging hard on when Aunty touched me.

One day we were alone in the kitchen and Aunty pushed her nice tits into my face and stated rubbing my cock through my pants.

“ Do you like that “ she asked me, as I came in my pants.

“I guess you must Aunty “said, as she felt the stickiness through my pants.

I was embarrassed and ran to my bedroom to change my briefs.

That night Aunty spent the night at our house and sometime around midnight I felt someone climb into my bed with me.

It was Aunty and she touched my face and said “ shuss ‘ before reaching down to touch my cock.

Well of course I was instantly hard and in no time Aunty took my pajama bottoms off of and started to fondle my naked cock with her soft hands.

Well I though I had died and gone to heaven but it got better when Aunty rolled back the covers and slid down in the bed to take my eager cock into her mouth and begin sucking.

It felt wonderful as her tongue slid up and down my cock and licked my balls on the down stroke. Then she took all of my cock deep into her mouth until her face was pressed tight against my crotch.

She had all of my young hard 4 inches balls deep in her mouth and down her throat and her hands were fondling and squeezing my balls.

I had never had sex before and I only lasted for about half a dozed deep sucks until I shot my load of cum into her mouth.

Aunty gulped and swallowed and took every last drop down her throat. She then licked my cock clean before sliding out of my bed to go back to her room.

She never said a word the next morning but I saw her and Mom exchanging knowing glances and to this day I wonder whether Mom knew what Aunty did to me


  1. Damn! Reading that story just made me cum! I had simular experience with my youngest aunt when i was thirteen, only she let me fuck her a few hours later. What sweet memories!

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