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How common is incest with mothers?

How common is incest with mothers and son? It’s more common than you’d think. I have a such a relationship with my son. It started when he was about to turn 17. Him and I had lived together just the two of us for his whole life up to that point. I had told him that if he had any questions about girls and what we like then feel free to ask me. Within the hour he had asked me how to kiss in the best way, so I tried to explain it to him, and whilst I was doing that I realized how much I was keeping my desires buried inside of me. I was suddenly desperate. So I figured that the best way to explain it to him was by showing him. I kissed him deeply for about a minute, and he was starting to hang of it. It was kind of awkward the rest of the day and the next few days after that.

There was suddenly sexual tension between us. I tried to put my feelings behind me and I think he did to, but we couldn’t hold it back. This lasted for months. He continued to ask me questions about girls and I would always give him honest answers. Some of which were sexual questions. I taught him how to take off a girl’s bra, how to stimulate my crotch. I tried to verbally talk him through it but at the end it was easier just to show him, so I took of my panties (I was wearing a dress) and guided his hands between my legs and showed him how to stimulate a woman using his fingers.

I later showed him how to fondle and suckle my breasts. I enjoyed that as it was like having him breastfeed from me as he did as a baby. Eventually I taught him how to please a woman orally, which again it was easier to show than explain. I again took off my panties, hiked up my dress, and showed him ow to give a woman oral. He surprised me by doing a wonderful job that first time as he brought me to several orgasms. After that, he did it almost daily on me except when I was on my period.

Finally, on his 18th birthday I had decided to give him the gift of sex for his present. I actually had gone to my doctor two months prior to get onto birth control in preparation of this as I was 39-years old and capable of getting pregnant. It felt a bit strange going back on birth control for my son’s sake, but I did.

On his birthday when he got back from school, I cooked him his favorite dinner and then I told him I had a special present for him in the bedroom. We started with kissing, then he fondled my breasts like I showed him. Afterwards, he gave me oral, and gave me two orgasms. Then I asked him if he was ready to enter me and lose his virginity as my present to him. He smiled and said he was so I showed him how to mount me, and then I guided his penis tip to my entrance and planted him firmly there and then told him when he was ready to be a man to push in until he was inside all of the way. A moment later, I felt him pushing in and once he was in all the way I kissed him and told him he was a man now and that he should take his man’s reward. He then started thrusting and he surprised me by lasting much longer than expected before he filled me with his semen. I very much enjoyed the moment he became a man when he ejaculated for the first time into a woman, which was me. I treasured his semen inside of me. We rested and talked for a while and then I let him enter me again. This time he lasted a very long time and I was able to orgasm with him inside of me, which greatly pleased him. This was also my first time have sex in many years, maybe ten, and it felt wonderful. In fact more than wonderful as it was the best sex I’ve ever had.

After that, we had sex pretty much every night and he only got better at it. He never left me unsatisfied.

Nowadays he’s 24-years old and graduated from college and he moved back to his hometown, about 20 minutes away from me. We still talk every day and he sleeps over every weekend, and we still have sex every time he does. He makes me feel good in ways I hadn’t ever felt before.

Eventually he will marry, and on that day I will be both happy and sad.


  1. In my honest opinion, I think it’s good you showed your son how to please a woman. I also think it’s not totally uncommon my mother did the same thing with me, women with experience are good for teaching virgins how to have sex

  2. This is a nice story. I fell in Love with the story. If your son get married I can take the place of him and do all the things he did. Feel free to WhatsApp me on my telephone number.

  3. That’s so hot, I think all boys that desire to be taught sex by their mothers should be if she is willing.

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